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A fuel tank for the aircraft is the storage media for storing flammable fuel, needed for aircraft operation.

Generally, the fuel system of the aircraft shall have following basic features:

  • The fuel system must contain a tank for storing a given quantity of fuel.
  • It must avoid leakage and limit evaporative emissions.
  • Easiest connection with engine and proper feeding technique to engines.
  • Provide filling of the fuel in tanks in a secure way.
  • Fuel system must have a system for measuring the remaining or filled fuel quantity in correct manner.
  • Suitability for pressure /manual filling.
  • All tanks vent to atmosphere, through a vent surge tank at each wing tip or another method.
  • Ease for controlling the engine fuel control system.

Type of Fuel Tanks in aircraft:

1.   Integral Tank: Fuel are stored in inside sealed structural areas. Like Wings. Wing shaving storing fuel system are called Wet Wings.

2.  Bladder or Fuel cell: Fuel is stored inside a rubber cell or bladder which is located at a suitable compartment.

3. Rigid Tank: Fuel is stored inside a rigid cell like metal tank which is located at a suitable compartment inside aircraft.

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